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StepChange specializes in consulting services for migrating and modernizing apps & databases.

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What We Do

Modernize & Migrate

Our team has expertise in both legacy and modern systems enabling us to fill in the gaps for systems where knowledge may have been lost. Our narrow focus is on data infrastructure migrations and modernizations. We have a track record of delivering at-scale projects on time.

Modernize & Migrate

Improve Efficiency

We are trusted experts in migrating from expensive legacy systems to modern and efficient ones based on open source which can be hosted on-prem or in the cloud. We pride ourselves on being your neutral partner that specializes in moving away from licensed software and consolidating on efficient and standardized solutions. We will work with any cloud or data center.

Improve Efficiency

Obsessed with Quality

The Stepchange team is composed of engineering experts with decades of experience working on infrastructure at scale at some of the world's biggest and best tech companies like Meta, Apple, Coinbase. Our DNA is to be obsessed with comprehensive testing and detailed documentation. We know how to be a trusted partner who takes ownership of deliverables and proactively communicates with you to overcome any blockers that might stand in a project’s way.

Obsessed with Quality

Our Consulting Services

Postgres Performance & Cost Review

Unlock your PostgreSQL performance & capabilities to scale and reduce costs with our assessment service. Our experts review your PostgreSQL setup, application code, and cloud infrastructure for total optimization. We pinpoint key improvements to enhance efficiency, reliability, and scalability, ensuring your database and applications are optimized.

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Oracle to Postgres Migration

Streamline your transition from Oracle to PostgreSQL with our migration service. Our specialists navigate your Oracle setup, application architecture, and cloud framework for a seamless switch. We identify crucial adjustments to boost performance, ensure compatibility, and optimize costs, guaranteeing a smooth, efficient migration of your database and applications to PostgreSQL.

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Django Performance Assessment

Scale your Django application to millions of users with our assessment service, focusing on database performance, security, and developer productivity. Our experts conduct a detailed analysis to identify optimizations that boost efficiency, enhance security, and streamline workflows. We aim to reduce costs and prepare your application for growth.

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PHP Performance Assessment

Expand your PHP-based application to accommodate millions of users through our assessment and migration services, which emphasize enhancing database performance, security, and developer productivity.Our specialists perform an in -depth evaluation to pinpoint optimizations that improve efficiency, bolster security, and simplify processes.Our goal is to lower expenses and ready your application for scaling.

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StepChange is a team of seasoned industry experts with decades of experience shipping products at scale at top tech companies such as Apple, Coinbase, Meta and Nextdoor.

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